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13 May

The smaller pieces in the first well represent this history, with light boxes that mirror the shape of these ice blocks.But the main work is in the second well, underneath the front of the building.I must admit that a big part of the attraction for me of the art installation currently being hosted by the London Canal Museum was the opportunity to climb down into the underground ice wells and take some pretty photographs.

But although there is a Post Office at Stockwell, I decided to start at the SW9 Post Office in Brixton Town Centre.

It was actually built as an extension to our first stop (Bon Marché store) in 1905.

It appears lovely from afar but when you are close at ground floor level it looks a bit sad.

ACTIVE SPAIN - THAT'LL BE GOLF AND WATER SPORTS, RIGHT? Stretching across 500,000 sq km, this great chunk of the Iberian Peninsula has opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures almost as varied as its landscape.

The country boasts the green wilds of Galicia; the ancient forests of Asturias; the remote plains, hills and valleys of unspoilt Extremadura; and of course the waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.