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17 Nov

The customer service for IMVU is virtually non-existent; the only way to get the CEO or other members of the company to listen to your complaints, you must try almost everything, even if you're a dedicated member that's been on the site since it first began.Also, the “Help Tickets” in IMVU only give you a computer-created response, if any at all.Probably 5-8 hours a day, and then always doing things offline that pertain to SL. There is drama, there is hurt, there is love and hate, there is even death. Yes, there are many grids available to explore, but Second Life remains the .It started out as a very fun adventure, things to explore and learn, and people to meet. I was playing Yoville on Facebook, and was curious if there were other games. Well, no, not really because NO one outside SL gets it. I am so isolated because no one can talk to me about this world. You can work in SL to make a living, either to spend there or in real life, or you can be a consumer, or both, or neither.The complaints in the forums are given an equally mechanical response, advising the member(s) to file a “Help Ticket”. Like all social networking sites, you can interact with people from around the world and make new friends, as well as keeping in touch with old ones.Building virtual models of archaeological sites has been seen as a legitimate mode of representing the past, yet these models are too often the end product of a process in which archaeologists have relatively limited engagement.

Interactive virtual worlds such as Second Life provide tools and an environment that archaeologists can use to challenge static modes of representation and increases access to non-expert participants and audiences.

I don't mind it, but there are a few pros and cons, and unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros.

The sexual content is a bit overboard, especially in chat rooms and some groups, though luckily a some people put "18 " or "XXX" or "Rated R" in their group titles or in certain threads.

Au lieu de construire des reconstitutions statiques, isolées, étranges et anonymes, je soutien un rôle plus actif de reconstitution virtuelle pour les archéologues et pose les problèmes de l’exactitude figurative, l’expression personnelle dans les avatars et vulgarisant le passé virtuel.

Les mondes virtuels interactifs tels que « Second Life » fournissent des outils et un environnement que les archéologues peuvent utiliser pour défier les modes statiques de représentation et augmente l’accès aux participants non experts et au public.