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19 May

Even if they actually know how to play an instrument or can sing on key, the end result is almost always embarrassing.Every once in a while somebody like Zooey Deschanel defies our expectations, but they tend to be anomalies. anybody remember when Billy Bob Thornton and Joaquin Phoenix were making great movies instead of making public asses of themselves? And they have only their musical ambitions to blame. " It didn't help that he gave himself the cringingly pretentious moniker LANDy (dig that funky capitalization, man!So I was understandably distraught to hear that Adam Goldberg, one of my favorite indie actors, was releasing an album this summer. ), or that he called his debut album Eros and Omissions, which is only punny if you think Freud was the king of zingers. It had a certain lush, moody John Lennon vibe to it.

Goldberg wrote, produced, directed and edited the features Scotch and Milk and I Love Your Work, as well as multiple television projects, notably including the philosophical travelogue Running with the Bulls for IFC.Having worked in the film zone for more than 25 years now, he has also worked as a director as well as a producer. He was born as the son of a lifeguard father Earl Goldberg, whereas his mother Donna Goldberg used to have a food stall where she sold food.Born as Adam Charles Goldberg on the 25th of October, 1970 in Santa Monica, California, U. His father was a Jewish from Europe who has been in the country since his birth.Adam has been in many different relationships till now, and there is no doubt that he has been lined to many more others although there was no truth.But now, he has been married to his longtime girlfriend and now wife, Roxanne Daner.