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18 May

Oh, and remember, some days you have to laugh to stop yourself from crying. Last night, BBC's long running 'investigative' documentary programme, Panorama, aired its latest film on BBC One. Because with this right support, Anthony barely ends up in A&E, his brother can have his nails cut and maybe, one day, both boys will be able to go to the hairdresser together.It's not as though women aren't putting the hours in. We've got female world leaders in Michelle Bachelet, Angela Merkel, Beyonce... The show entitled 'A Prescription For Murder' had been met with criticism from many mental health campaigners and professionals.A recent study by The Institute for Women's Policy predicts that equal pay probably won't be achieved until the 23rd century. To me, it seems like it is yet another case of trying to make sense of complex, rare cases that have resulted in tragedy.Idris Elba is giving fans the chance to be his date on Valentine’s Day later this month and while prepping for his date, he is getting advice from children!The 44-year-old actor is joining forces with Omaze to let fans give a donation to charity for a chance to win a trip to have a date with him.

The pilot programme features former Miss Great Britain Gemma Garrett.But the glamorous ladies - who wouldn't be caught dead in public without their full face of make-up, their hair done and their glamorous clothes - aren't allowed any of that on their dates.Those taking part include Gemma Garrett from Belfast who took the crown of Miss Great Britain in 2008, Orlaith Mc Callister from Belfast who was crowned Miss Belfast in 1999, Leanne Mc Dowell who was crowned Miss Northern Ireland in 2015 and Rebecca Maguire, a former Miss Ireland 2012.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.