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21 Aug

The drowning of 360 voyagers, mainly Eritrean, in October led to the creation of a naval rescue system, Mare Nostrum, that has escorted around 100,000 sea-borne migrants into Italy so far in 2014 – many more than reached the country last year, and the highest level on record. Check your history prior to 4 generations ago someone in your blood line had a taste for something other than white. And if your the skinhead type just remember the person you idolize parents were relatives which made for a ditsy ruler who wanted blonde hair blue eyes even though he himself was nothing like that. Italians mixed with blacks, Asians mixed with British, through every race in history the one thing we all know how to do is fuck. Oh and did we forget that in 2014, it's damn near impossible to have a pure race of anything.“Go to the hotel there,” he said and pointed up the block.

But until then please pass my dildo and hit me in the face with your penis thank you and goodnight Reply You know what kills me are the racist who think they are native Americans some how you forgot or didn't pay attention that your ancestors came off a boat.Memphis Barker follows their trail through southern Europe We look at them. Some of them lean on the railings and peer over the side.It is a hot July lunchtime in the Sicilian port of Trapani, and below, on the broiling tarmac, officials wait in uniforms of every colour of the administrative rainbow; nurses in maroon, coastguards and doctors in white, police in navy, and civil immigration services in grey.Reply You deplore his action and condemn African Americans but you fail to realise that the whites forced the Africans to become slaves and forced them put of their houses and countries. Go study ducking history fuck face Reply To be factual, dating back to before slavery existed... The raw, truth going back before the white man used slavery.Higher in commands (kings, chiefs etc) in Africa, egypt and other locations were sending their own people into slavery for wealth. It was our own ancestors who threw us into slavery, and not only white people used it for personal gain but other cultures as well. Don't put it all on one race when it was our own people who started this.