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21 May

The result of Morissette’s collaboration with Ballard was , which was released in 1995 by Maverick Records.

With its edgy, alternative sound, the single “You Oughta Know” struck a strong chord with listeners.

I thought about it afterwards and thought, What does that mean?

Oh, what it means is, I'll never have to edit myself.

There’s her website,, a repository of wisdom—both homegrown and academic—about health, psychology, and spirituality.

Clash unearths ten facts you might not know about Ryan Adams. The once self-deprecating Ryan Adams did a load of speedballs (a mixture of heroin and cocaine), took pills and then drank from the recording of ‘Love Is Hell’ all the way to the completion of ‘29’.

He says it is a miracle he did not die during this extended period of substance abuse. Contrary to popular belief Adams never dated Alanis Morissette or Winona Ryder.

), and yes, the songs that made her famous back in the ’90s were a special mix of erudite and emotionally attuned.

But what, other than some hit albums, qualified the alterna-rocker to dole out advice to strangers?