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28 Feb

While details of the lyrics have long been guessed – taking as its starting point his reaction to hearing in 1959 that Buddy Holly had died in a plane crash with Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper on “the day the music died” – few have confidently decoded the riddle in its complex verses and scattershot cultural references.Up for sale are 18 pages of handwritten notes and typed drafts that chart the evolution of its lyrics.Hot French babe Sharon Lee, one of very few Euro-Asian adult models, has sweet erotic dreams about sex with 3 guys while sleeping innocently on her single girlie bed.There is no other explanation why she would take off her cotton panties made in Vietnam amid a hot, romantic summer night in Paris City.Looking at sensual nude art model Asuka, I think this becomes very obvious.Don't we just want to penetrate her furr with our tongue and get dizzy from her feminine fragrance? Well produced nudes like this Kowloon amateur from Hong Kong don't require renting expensive equipment or professional photo studios: perfectlt built female body and a photographer who knows how to use and reflect daylight is sufficient, totally.

Mr Mc Lean, 69, has always avoided answering questions about its meaning, other than to joke: “It means I don't ever have to work again if I don't want to.” He initially said he was selling the manuscript on a whim, but in the catalogue added that he wanted to inspire young songwriters to think about every word in a song.

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, which is currently enjoying its fourth season on G4, and first season on network television, also airing on NBC.

The reality competition show, which pits challengers against a series of physics-defying obstacle courses, is currently narrowing down the field to 100 hopefuls, who will compete in Las Vegas for a 0,000 prize and the honor of being—you guessed it— is a totally different kind of animal.