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07 Feb

He puts the kid in it, fights his way to where Dom’s car is in the back of the airplane, and then he ends up going out the back of the airplane with the kid - like they did in the last movie.” Morgan went on to comment on the concern surrounding the audience - and characters, led by Diesel's Toretto - accepting Shaw as a likeable character considering he killed off fan favourite, Han (Sung Kang) in a previous film. We don’t know his full story yet, so there are things we’re going to learn that I think will be cool when it comes to light.” Morgan continued: “I think the response will be that, because of what happened to Han, there is going to be a residual drama and tension. They’ll come to understand.” You can read our review of the film here.

We tell ourselves that age is just a number, but is it really?

If Hollywood were a box of toys, each of these guys is an action figure from a different comic book or TV show that you love, who come together in the sandbox for the ultimate showdown. The Expendables (née My Big Fat 90's Action Movie) debuted today and features Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis and a panoply of other names you haven't heard since Demoliton Man was tearing up the box office.

Welcome back to a special holiday edition of Defamer Attractions, your weekly guide to everything new, noteworthy and/or stillborn at the movies.

When we were getting ready to do it, I’m like, 'God, you know what’d be so much more interesting is if he got the baby and had to fight his way out with the kid.' “There was definitely some concern on a lot of people’s parts: 'Does that break tone? And Jason agreed.” He even revealed another version which didn't make it to light. Originally, Jason gets on the airplane, he’s got this big black duffel bag and we don’t know what’s in it. “But also, you can see, in this film, a little more in [Deckard’s] core, as well.

He gets the baby, has this fight, at the end of it, he opens up that duffel bag and there’s a car seat in it, a baby seat. I know it’s a little unsettling, I know it’s a little different. I think it’s all, in the end, going to be a really exciting, fun, valuable experience.

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Writer Chris Morgan - who has written the franchise's past six films - spoke to about the film's best scene, revealing that it originally was supposed to be rather different. Jason fights his way to get to the baby, and the sequence ends there.

The sultry Megan Fox (1986) and Brian Austin Green (1973) have been together since she arrived on the scene in Hollywood.

They married in 2010, had a son and now have another baby on the way, further cementing their marriage and relationship despite 13 years of difference in age.

As always, our opinions are our own, but are easy to bake for that last-minute dessert idea. WHAT' S NEW: Speaking of recipes, sure has a fresh one! Add two cups of diced ensemble players including Robrt Duvall, Jon Favreau, Kristin Chenoweth and Sissy Spacek. It's good for about million over five days.

Flavor with ball-kicking, pratfall and baby-vomit jokes. is a little simpler hors d'oeurve for the guys out there, with Jason Statham liberally seasoned with bullets, quick cuts and decibels, turning out million before the main course on DVD.