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10 Oct

Petitions to boycott United Airlines were also going viral on We Chat, a popular messaging service. It’s blatant racial discrimination,” a user called @Rhando_hiclarie wrote in a typical post.

“UA is super rubbish.” Some users pointed out the irony of United’s motto: “Fly the friendly skies,” but many saw incident as an example of American hypocrisy, and what one user called “a perfect illustration” of human rights in the United States. The security guy beat him until his face is covered in blood, is this the so-called American democratic society?

“I am going to tell you a joke: ‘America is the country with the best human rights in the World,’” one user called @Youthliteratureandart wrote in a post that attracted more than 4,000 likes. ” Chinese-born comedian Joe Wong urged his followers to join the boycott of United. ” another user asked in a post that attracted 1,294 likes, implying an Asian was an easier target for racial discrimination than an African-American.

“Americans often say they have democracy and human rights, but they can’t even respect people who have different skin colors,” @Nanchigirl wrote. “Many Chinese people feel they’ve been subject to discrimination, but (fear of losing) face prevents them from speaking out, which leads to mainstream media in the West and the public not taking discrimination against Asians seriously,” he said.

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