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26 Feb

Predictions at the onset of the climactic eruption led to the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from the surrounding areas, saving many lives.

Surrounding areas were severely damaged by pyroclastic surges, ash falls, and subsequently, by the flooding lahars caused by rainwater re-mobilizing earlier volcanic deposits.

Photos & Pictures of Mauritius - The Republic of Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island located east of cost of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

It is a tropical paradise similar to other major touristic islands like Hawaii and the Carribeans with stunning beaches but more budget-traveller friendly.

The footage, which appears to show the swimmer holding a selfie stick, was shared by Hawaiian photographer Kawika Singson.

The best time to go to Reunion is May-November, when the trade winds keep the island temperatures moderate.

Reunion Island Map & more information about Reunion The Republic of Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world located southeast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

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