Birthcontrol and dating

23 May

Birth control has given every woman the power of being in control of her body and her choices — including relationships.

The pill is designed to prevent pregnancy, but it can also influence who a woman is physically attracted to.

Some women with partners who were not conventionally attractive reported being less attracted to him after stopping oral contraceptives, whereas a decrease was not seen in women whose partners were conventionally handsome."Women who choose a partner when they’re on hormonal contraceptives and then stop taking them will prioritize their husband's attractiveness more than they would if they were still on it," says Michelle Russell, the Florida State graduate student who is the lead author on the study.

"The effect that it would have on her marital satisfaction would carry more weight.” That means that if your husband is not conventionally attractive and you go off the Pill, his attractiveness might bother you more than before.

A 2008 paper published in found that while women are usually attracted to the scent of men who are genetically different from them, women on the Pill are attracted to the scent of men who are more genetically similar.

This may be because the Pill fools your body into thinking it's pregnant, and pregnancy can affect attraction.

Russell and her colleagues recruited 48 couples to follow for four years of marriage and 70 couples for one year.I have supported many women in coming off the Pill and helped them reconnect with their bodies (Always remember, that once you have the right information about how your body really works, you can start making health choices that finally start to work for you!You can do this – the science of your body is on your side!According to a recent study published in the journal , women who meet their partner while on the pill are more likely to choose unattractive partners and have higher marital dissatisfaction.The pill is believed to affect psychological processes, such as determining preferences.