Black dating ian lip

17 Jun

But after five years together, everyone is pretty much used to it. Who knew that the world kept spinning even if you leave for six years? Pretty much the same background except ian and mickey never met.This is the first piece I've written, so it's probably shit..But somewhere in the cracks, is now wrapping up its fourth and strongest season.With spotlight stealers like patriarch Frank Gallagher (William H.Macy) largely out of commission, and Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) hitting rock bottom, the show has really allowed some of the rest of the Gallagher clan to shine.Earlier in the season, Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White), the family genius, pulled focus with his heart-wrenching struggles to make it through college.Ian was comfortable in his sexuality, but Mickey couldn't accept that aspect of himself and it manifested as quiet self-loathing, no doubt a product of the environment in which he was raised.This internal conflict is what made his progression from violent and seemingly unfeeling thug to a real person you could empathize with a fascinating coming out story.

Everyone loves him except for Ian who is the school bad boy, always in trouble, in and out of juvie. ” he screamed out as he used his fist to bang on the button, not caring in the least if he broke it or not. Once the light dinged and the doors opened up, Mickey rushed in and quickly pushed the button for the garage, and when the doors finally closed he fell to his knees and allowed himself to break down.………Today was not a fantastic day. He also found out that he lusts after a certain milkovich. Ian comes back from the army after he gets discharged and decides to stay with lip. Lip is in college and just discovered his real sexual orientation.