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13 Sep

Though devoted to his three daughters - Rumer, 12; Scout, 9; and Talullah, 6 - he bops between homes in Hailey, Idaho, Los Angeles and his new million Trump Tower apartment in New York. "I like having the dough to come and go as I please," he admits. Michael Clarke Duncan says Bruce tipped him off to his Oscar-nominated part in The Green Mile and personally phoned the director to get him the first audition. It's difficult for any couple to keep their marriage intact under the best of circumstances, and our marriage was under a huge magnifying glass all the time.

Haley Joel Osment says, "He introduced me to Julia Roberts. " And Matthew Perry, who bonded with Willis on the comedy The Whole Nine Yards, marvels at his ability to be a friend. Well, I can give you the philosophical answer, which is also the most universal: Things change. So it might have been a little more difficult for us.

And she dances like Bebe Neuwirth.” When she’s not performing, she can often be found in the rehearsal studio lending moral support to her dad. “She’s very encouraging — he really depends on her.” Bruce hasn’t been onstage since the early ’80s, when he did a couple of Off-Broadway plays while tending bar at the Kamikaze on West 19th Street.

Seeing myself on a billboard in #timesquare on my way to work tonight may have been one of the most magical moments of my life.

Afterward, he called the pilot, told him to warm up the engines and flew to Portland, Oregon. Any form of a relationship ending is a painful thing. What I still love about her is between Demi and me. But then I realized that I would never be anonymous again, whether I was working at Wendy's or acting in a movie, that was one click. I wasn't going to have to work at Wendy's. My job is to be entertaining, to be interesting, to be watchable, to move people - whether it's making them laugh, cry, feel romantic, make them sad, frighten them. No one talks about the fact that actors really are trying to express themselves artistically. It was fun, a kind of acting college, graduate school. I know I'm famous, and I know people think I'm famous, and I know that's part of the gig. Warren Beatty once told me about being recognized after his first movie. I don't regret anything, because I don't believe in regrets. Generally, when there's a surprise ending like that, people go out and tell their friends what happens. You work long days over three months, and the people become a kind of family.

Now it's late Thursday night, and Willis - in khakis, a T-shirt and a leather jacket - is splayed out in the back seat of a Cadillac Escalade, relaxing after more than 10 hours on the set of Bandits, a comedy costarring Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett. "I take 'em as God hands 'em out - one day at a time," he says. The only thing I really know is, time is the only thing that heals any pain. Why is it hard for couples in show business to stay married? I can't tell you how other people's marriages work or what their recipe is for a good marriage. It's difficult to live your life and marriage under a magnifying glass, which is what happens to movie-star couples. If you're asking me these things about marriage and divorce and relationships because you think I might have some insight, I don't. When did you throw out the rules and start living on your own terms? Then everything changed in my mind when I had a couple of films that were critically barbecued and I survived. That's because we're more interested in the turmoil of their personal lives. But it changed for me when I started taking supporting roles in other people's films [such as Pulp Fiction], which everyone said was a big mistake. A woman who had been very excited to see him abruptly changed her opinion when she got up close. " That's my reaction when someone comes up to me on the street. God, it's so nice to meet you." And I always say "I hope it's not too much of a disappointment for you." Is there any criticism that has stung the most? Who knows whether or not the worst thing that ever happened to you isn't the thing that gets you to the best thing that ever happened to you? It's a way of saying thanks to the crew, and it makes it fun.

This film told the story of a group of friends as they confront post-college life.

His daughter (Winstead) warns him he is prone to idiocy but he presses on regardless. Last year, ahead of the unveiling of his waxwork at Madame Tussauds, Willis was voted the ideal Valentine’s Day date by a poll conducted for the museum, pipping housewives’ favourite Colin Firth to first place.‘We feature Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the film and we make her look like a queen. I think we are empowering women in this movie.’ A wry smile crinkles across his face, a sparkle lights up in those cool, blue eyes.This also happens to be the day after his awkward appearance on The One Show and the 57-year-old superstar has relaxed into far more twinkly form. Wherever Bruce Willis's jet takes him, there he is. It's exactly the vision he told me about before he ever turned on the camera. When I was knocking around New York and studying acting and doing off-off-Broadway stuff, I thought about my Con Ed [electricity] bill and my phone bill. But once I started making money and had a little left over, I didn't think about it. It is late October, and a few days ago he was in Milan, Italy, whooping it up during fashion week, drinking with Dennis Hopper at the Hotel Principe di Savoia. And this film, Unbreakable, is far and away the best thing I've ever done. Most movies that come out of Hollywood are adaptations of novels, fiction or remakes of old movies, the retelling of an old movie in modern terms. Did you have any idea The Sixth Sense would be a phenomenon? Now, the pragmatic side to all this money is my contribution to the industry. Disney has made more than a billion dollars on the last couple of films I've done for them. But I'm aware that we're talking about an enormous amount of money. I think it's just as startling to them how much dough I make.