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22 Feb

Elevators have made their way into the popular imagination as an apt metaphor for the ups and downs of life.Pop music has turned to this metaphor to illustrate the emptiness of success, stormy relationships and the social dynamics imposed on people in the same small, moving box.Listen to Sing About These Hard Times (mp3)Chorus: Sing about these hard times, Sing all about these hard old times, Sing about these hard times When will the good times roll?I worked hard, I played my part That's what I did right from the start But these hard times are gonna break my heart When will the good times roll?You thought Christmas was over, but you were wrong, because Santa Claus doesn't wear a red hat and commute via sleigh. Since it's the more danceable of the two tracks, and you've got that Friday feeling, I'd wager this is the song you've had on loop all day.Plot twist: Santa's none other than your friend Ed Sheeran, who dropped two brand new tracks on Friday, Jan. But while the melody has immediately got you gripped, you want to take a moment for a close-read of those lyrics. He's not just a guy who can craft a melody that you'll be la-la-laing until your roommates impose an arbitrary no-singing-in-the-shower rule.the song texts with notes on where these traditional songs come from by Elisabeth Higgins Null with Charles H.Baum - March15, 2007 words and music and © 2003 Peggy Seegeradministered by harmony music, ltd.

The music these guys play is to street cred what plaque is to tooth enamel, and yet I can't help but tune in from time to time.(chorus)They moved my job to Mexico Where the children slave and the pay is low How I'm gonna live I just don't know When will the good times roll?(chorus)O, the world is ill divided Those who work most are the least provided& When they got a war they want US to fight it When will the good times roll?Eminem, Group 1 Crew and Outkast have done this well.In 1996, Outkast gave voice to the alienation from old acquaintances that success brings in Elevators (Me and You): “We moving on up in the world like elevators.” They can’t help it.