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02 Jan

When we turned up, she was delighted: - I absolutely really thought that you will not wash.Later we also prolazili around the attic, and then for a two o’clock washed the floors on all four floors.Marta never spoke much of her mysterious husband, though she did teach her daughter what she knew about Elven culture, including what she knew of the spoken language.Elven lore was not the only thing Arivanna was taught, in fact these teachings eventually fell to the wayside as she grew older.

Though she never knew her Elven father, she was always curious about him in her youth, and would persistently drill her mother with questions on who he was.To jsem byl vyprasenej, pretrenovanej a z toho beara co jsem tenkrat jel jsem zadnej progres nemel...Potom jsem mel dost osobni problemy, takze jsem par mesicu jen chlastal a skoro necvicil.Having been trained herself to use a bow, Marta taught Arivanna all that she knew about archery, and how to defend herself in close quarters combat with a short sword.When Arivanna was in her 30's, the mother-daughter duo would later settle down in a small hamlet in eastern Kalimdor, due in part to Marta's frailty.