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22 Dec

With the latest advances, having clear vision at only one distance is no longer the only option.

Presbyopic IOL technology can not only correct impaired distance vision, but also maintain the eye’s focusing power for reading and computer work.

One such lens is the Acry Sof® IQ Re STOR® lens, a breakthrough lens that uses apodized diffractive technology (similar to technology used in telescopes and microscopes) to give patients a full range of vision – near through distance – and to reduce dependency on reading glasses or bifocals following cataract surgery.Would you like to rid yourself of reading glasses and improve your distance vision at the same time?Are both cataracts and age-related farsightedness (presbyopia) affecting your lifestyle?This means that many patients can read the text on items such as prescription bottles, magazines, newspapers and computer screens, while also providing the ability to see items at a distance free from glasses or bifocals.As we perform daily activities such as reading, watching television or working at the computer, our eyes are constantly focusing on objects at varying distances – up close, far away and everything in-between.