Dating cookbook

16 Dec

4 in the North Carolina Collection Gallery at UNC’s Wilson library.

(Last month’s free two-day Carolina Cornucopia conference was the kickoff event for the exhibit.) Barnett worked closely leading up to the exhibit with one of her students, Holly Roper, a North Carolina teaching fellow who is getting a master’s degree in education.

And although the book’s title includes “Duke’s Secret Sustainable Seafood Recipes,” Duke’s cookbook also includes recipes for grass-fed beef, cage-free and free range chicken, as well as Duke’s Forbidden Treats and a nod to the bar program with recipes for Duketails and Classic Cocktails.

Governments should recognize cultural heritage and protect traditional foods.

Found in the Library are hand-written menus dating from the Gold Rush, the first cookbook written by an African American not only in California but anywhere in the United States, bilingual recipe books printed in Chinese and English, compilations of favorite recipes designed to raise money for charitable causes, booklets containing war time recipes, sumptuously designed volumes written by the great chefs of the Golden State, and a movie star recipe book by "Mariposa" designed to make you as "irresistible as your favorite glamour queen." Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the image.Many of these collections include cookbooks as well as materials such as agricultural and home economic texts that relate to the culinary arts.Last, we compiled a list of undigitized cookbook collections."I think with everything in your life, diet is all about balance. It's almost gluten-free, there's a couple pasta dishes made with brown rice pasta. I have a huge sweet tooth, I just use better ingredients, so I use pure maple syrup, I'm using spelt flour or oat flour, those kinds of things.So I eat healthy 80 percent of the time, and the other 20 percent, I indulge. I have fun eating whatever I want."She adds, "It's a lot of protein, a lot of veggies, a lot of beans, and those kind of sides. I essentially eat whatever I want, I just use better ingredients."As for when you can snag your copy, Cavallari tells us, "It's coming out in the spring.