Dating counselling vancouver

09 Jul

Counselling is a professional relationship when you and counsellor set aside time on a regular basis to explore difficulties which may be causing you stress or emotional feelings.

Counselling may allow you to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point.

Services may be covered by your extended healthcare benefits (under Registered Psychologist or Psychological Services) through our supervision with Dalton Associates Psychological Services in Ontario.

Please check your extended healthcare benefits in British Columbia for coverage under Registered Clinical Counsellor.

Our couples therapists can help you turn your relationship around often in only a few sessions. Before we came to couples counselling, I did not have a constructive way to have a disagreement with my partner.

I was afraid that if I told the truth I would be judged and criticized.

Despite our best intentions, we often feel: If this is how you feel in your relationship, whether you are married, common-law, dating, or single, as a Registered Psychologist in Vancouver, BC, with nearly three decades of experience as a marital counsellor/relationship counsellor, I am happy to provide a positive experience of couples counselling.

Some of the emotion-based problems I address in couples therapy are: Although generally the goal of Vancouver couples therapists and counsellors is to rebuild or enhance relationships, at times it is to help couples decide if they want to stay together or separate.

They are looking for ways to save their relationship and create more fulfillment and deeper intimacy.

In essence, they want to discover how to Do Love Well.