Dating gerber knives

10 Apr

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Additional date information for the Buck 110 Folding Hunter and the 112 Ranger: 1974 to 1980: one dot on either side of the model # (example: .110.) 1980: two dots on the right side of the model # (example: .110..) 1981 to 1986: two dots on either side of the model # (example: ..110..) * This page is by no means the "definative" Buck Knife Dating system, just a place to start dating your knife, and should not be used as such, nor do we claim to be an expert in dating Buck Knives.

To find out the year of manufacture of your Buck knife, compare the symbol on your blade to the chart below.

On October 15, 2016, I was using my Gerber Cohort knife which is subject to the recall – product number 8970614F.

The knife was in my left hand and I was pushing with my right hand on the back of the knife when the knife came unlocked, closing on my left index finger.

So, you can just collect Craftsman knives that would date from 1941 to now. Deep in the guts of most men is buried the involuntary response to the hunter's horn, a prickle of the nape hairs, an acceleration of the pulse, an atavistic memory of his fathers, who killed first with stone, and then with club...

He also stated that some knives were marked Schrade-Walden N. USA on the tangs, but "CRAFTSMAN" on the knife's shield.

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