Dating in islam by dr zakir naik

26 Jun

It stressed that Zakir’s attitude on religion "has no place in today’s world and can cause serious social harm in a multi-racial and secular country like Malaysia." "It is disturbing to know that he was able to obtain a PR from the Home Ministry without the public knowing whether he has met the strict criteria and qualifications for eligibility applicable to others.

"The hundreds of thousands of stateless children in Malaysia certainly deserve to know.

A study for the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism found that despite claiming to protect Muslims, most of the returned fighters were “novices” in their religion and some did not know how to pray properly.

According to highly-placed sources who spoke to the daily, the controversial preacher is “most probably in Malaysia and seeking Malaysian citizenship”.

The latest move by the NIA also comes just weeks after it approached Interpol to issue a red corner notice (RCN) against Naik.

The request for the red notice in May came after NIA had issued a non-bailable warrant arrest on April 20, because it had reasonable grounds to believe that Naik was evading an earlier arrest warrant seeking him to come in for questioning over a money laundering investigation.

The Salafist doctrine can be summed up as taking "a fundamentalist approach to Islam, emulating Muhammad and his earliest followers – al-salaf al-salih, the 'pious forefathers'...

They reject religious innovation or bid'ah, and support the implementation of sharia (Islamic law)." The movement is often divided into three categories: the largest group are the purists (or quietists), who avoid politics; the second largest group are the activists, who get involved in politics; the smallest group are jihadists, who form a tiny minority.