Dating omega pocket watch

23 Feb

I don't know who made "Omega cases", so it may also be that they outsourced these to a wide range of makers and simply instructed them to put an Omega logo on them. Early movements have the number on the dial side, but as the difference between case number (if from Omega) and movement number is small for early samples, the case number can be used to date early Omegas.Here an early example (numbering started with 1,000,000 in 1894): Movement #1248889, case #1288131, both numbers date it to 1897.Our editors will review your post and publish it A. 321 movement is 25440641 which means it was made in 1967. The watch is in nice condition, but the minute and hour hands … I have one that the movement dates to 1954 but does not have Swiss Made on the face. Seamaster on the back and Constellation on the front.. Omega Cal 1300 (Beta 21) electroquartz F8192Hz movement. Does Omega still make an Omega watch with analogue and digital functions?

Regina watches are occasionally stamped with the name of an American city, indicating that some were sold in the United States.Cross reference the Movement number with the case number to find the time scale of when your watch was produced.I think that Omega rarely numbered their movements - of the five I have owned, only one was visibly numbered.This group eventually encompassed over 50 companies including, Lanco, Lémania and Hamilton.SSIH eventually became the third largest producers of finished watches and movements in the world.