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03 Apr

Brought to you by WXPN—the non-commercial public radio station that World Cafe, XPN2, and XPo Nential Music Festival call home—The Key covers all local music in Greater Philly and beyond.Philly native and R&B queen, Miss Jill Scott, just released a collaboration with Daley titled “Until The Pain Is Gone,” and it somehow already sounds like an instant classic.Received date: September 10, 2015; Accepted date: September 21, 2015; Published date: October 05, 2015 Citation: Hom C, Luo Y, Budoff MJ (2015) The Effects of Aged Garlic Extract on Coronary Artery Calcification Progression. Since AGE has been shown to have several potential anti-atherosclerotic properties, including stimulation of microcirculation in peripheral arteries, it was chosen as the agent of study to evaluate its ability to inhibit progression of coronary atherosclerosis. Visit for more related articles at Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences Background: Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) has been shown to lower LDL, reduce the progression of coronary atherosclerosis, improve vascular function, and have a favorable effect on oxidative biomarkers.

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Just wait until the chorus when the strings kick in and Jilly from Philly really starts groovin’– I promise you’ll be swaying along whether you are realize it or not.We sought to evaluate the ability of AGE to inhibit coronary artery calcium (CAC).Methods: Four placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized studies were pooled to determine whether the atherosclerotic plaque burden detected by CAC will change at a different rate under the influence of AGE as compared to placebo.Here’s the list of artists being added to XPo Nential Fest this year.Continue reading → Two dozen artists including Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls, Steve Earle, John Butler Trio and Michael Franti have contributed songs to a two-disc compilation intended to educate listeners about the controversial method of “hydro-fracking:” The contentious process of extracting natural gas from the earth’s shale.