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11 Jan

Leider hat es auch hier viele sogenannte "Brüder", die vom Verhalten her entweder keine (mehr) sind oder sich arg in der Gr..." mehr lesen Iris4566: "Liebes Sulamith Team, hiermit möchte ich euch Danke sagen und euch bitten mein Profil zu löschen.

Allen weiteren Noch-Singles möchte ich aufgrund der Erfahrungen hier raten; prüft genau und sorgfältig, bevor Ihr Eure Gefühle öffnet und eine ernstgemeinte Bindung eingeht.

The reason the 30-year-old has sworn of dating could have a lot to do with her faith.

Raised as a Jehovah's Witness, the tennis champion told Sister 2 Sister magazine that it was important that she find a man of faith to marry."I think it's important when you marry to be evenly yoked," she said, quoting 2 Corinthians .

NET is pleased to offer all practicing and faithful members of Jehovah's Witnesses the opportunity to establish contact and form friendships with fellow brothers and sisters in faith. NET you can do this in a free and natural way in a protected environment. NET was created especially for the purpose of helping unmarried Servants of Jehovah to find partners within their Organization. NET is managed and serviced solely by members of Jehovah's Witnesses.

We therefore cannot accept married brothers and sisters to our Society. We assume that the informations you provide to us, regarding your identity, are absolutely truthful.