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29 Sep

I’ve always thought that it is better to master one main traffic source versus becoming only fairly proficient in a lot of them and for now I think I have a pretty perfect grasp on the old SEO game.

In all honesty, I’ve never really given paid traffic (and specifically PPC) too much thought throughout my years of experimenting online.

Download these PPV landing page templates for free.

From my experience, even on CPV networks that allow larger resolution pops, this size brought higher CTR's.

“It takes a company with a demonstrated broad range of capabilities and dedicated team of professionals to plan, build and energize a state-of-the-art energy facility like CPV Fairview Energy Center – and that company is Kiewit.” Kiewit provides a complete array of construction, design, procurement, engineering and commissioning services for major power plant projects throughout North America.

Over the past 10 years, Kiewit has either designed, constructed and/or provided start-up services for more than 600 power-related projects totaling nearly billion in contract revenue.

When complete in 2020, it is expected to power more than one million Pennsylvania homes.

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The best thing about online advertising (unlike television, radio, print, etc.) is that it’s totally accountable and you get to know the exact returns of every single dollar that you are spending. Paid advertising on search engines and social media accounts for over 50% of the total ad spend (dominated by Google, Microsoft, and Facebook).

About Kiewit Kiewit is one of North America’s largest and most respected construction and engineering organizations.

With its roots dating back to 1884, the employee-owned organization operates through a network of subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, Australia and Mexico.

Actually, I’m a lover of organic traffic (or search traffic).

But it’s also true that it takes a lot of time to get some traction that way.