Django imagefield not validating

04 Dec

Now, only encrypted blobs are available publicly, but internally, behind a Since the file changes just before it’s saved, you can’t apply a validator that acts on the contents of the file.For example, if you’ve got a validator that uses mime-magic to determine the file type, it will always return Stable.In this case, it would be redundant to define the field types in your form, because you’ve already defined the fields in your model.

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This works great for simple solutions such as the model in the example, but suppose we have a slightly more complex model structure.

For instance, any date fields on the model are converted into actual date objects.

Failed validation may leave the underlying model instance in an inconsistent state and therefore it’s not recommended to reuse it.

This when you save a form, Django cannot immediately save the form data for the many-to-many relation.

This is because it isn’t possible to save many-to-many data for an instance until the instance exists in the database.