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08 Dec

A number of foreigners boast the beauty of the Philippines, of course including its beautiful Filipino women, hospitable people, delicious food, and white beaches after visiting the country.However, only a few of them admit that these are not the things that make their stay in the Philippines worthwhile.Without this experience I couldn’t share everything that I’m going to share with you today.

With A Very Special Love as the first film in the series, it became a huge box office success, leading the producers to create the final two installments You Changed My Life (2009) and It Takes a Man and a Woman (2013).

The movie is also notable for the song "No Matter What" by Boyzone in the trailer and it was aired on TV during commercial breaks.

What does it mean: Delicious Nest What is it about: Two lovers named Gareth and Koala fight for their love despite their disapproving parents and their other admirers. What does it mean: The title basically means that if the rice had their husks removed, someone has pounded over them.

Whenever they get near you or sit beside you, they have this charm of making you feel like you are their first customer.

Filipina bar girls are pretty but they have different backgrounds. Others went out of school at an early age, they don’t speak English well but they understand and can still express themselves. They know how to approach you so you will accommodate her.