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08 Apr

Also joining Adam onstage of course, was Georgina Baillie, who I still think is just unnecessary eye candy – she was inaudible for the entire concert apart from “Prince Charming” during the encore, where she proved at least capable of staying in tune for some brief, rudimentary backing vocals.

Honestly, I’m not even sure her mic was switched on for the show, and she wasn’t even able to dance all that well, what with her hips being clingwrapped in itty bitty pieces of plastic the whole time.

Sure, Georgie is sexy and probably a sweet girl, but either allow her to contribute properly or leave her in the dressing room…At any rate, the absence of second ‘backing singer’ Twinkle made a vast improvement in freeing up the congested stage so we could focus on Adam and the band, instead of Twinkle’s hilariously distracting burlesque mime act.

Adam played a rapidly paced, career spanning greatest hits package, from the raw, snarling “Plastic Surgery” with its doom-laden bass note intro, to the sensitive adult pop of 1995’s “Wonderful”, and the latest addition to the live set, the slinky groove of upcoming album track “Vince Taylor”.

At least he looks the part: huge jewellery, skulls everywhere, staring out from his fingers and his feet; a cool musketeer moustache and a tattoo that creeps up his arm.

“I feel very grateful to be alive and well enough to make music,” he says, “because for a time there, it was like the Alamo. It got a bit sticky.” As has been documented in tabloid exposés, TV documentaries and indeed his own autobiography, Goddard’s quest for success was a compulsion, pushed to extremes by his condition .

The burlesque dancer, now 28, was formerly part of a four-piece group called Satanic Sluts Extreme and was romantically linked with Brand, 38.

Now at drama school, she has made frequent attempts to patch things up with Mr Sachs, but her attempts at reconciliation had been rebuffed because he would not “change his prejudices”, Mr Baillie claimed.

As he launches a new single and tour, he discusses 10 of his songs that tell the story of a dark and wonderful life.

"I've got a fetish for you/ A fetish for me/ And that means I'm sick/ So very sick" Christian D'or, 1978 Adam Ant, the punk who became Prince Charming, was 23 years old when he wrote those words and at 57 he still means them. In the den of his house in London, all his fetishes are on display and they're garish, quirky and a little bit dark; the obsessions of the pop star brought down by depression, of a dandy highwayman stalked by the black dog. There's a huge picture of Sean Connery as James Bond; a cardboard cut-out of Admiral Nelson, a book on General Custer; a model Messerschmitt and a plastic Elvis that sings Hound Dog; a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis, naked, a souvenir of the time she and Adam were lovers; and Rocky Marciano and Steve Mc Queen in Bullitt and Barbara Windsor in Sparrows Can't Sing. It's the ephemera of the man who was born twice: the first time in 1954 as Stuart Goddard, the boy from a London slum, the son of an alcoholic, the descendent of Romany gypsies; the second time in 1976 when Stuart couldn't take the pressure of being married, and being at college, so took an overdose and woke up and invented a new person: Adam Ant.