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09 May

Kijafa Vick called out the QB on their reality show, "Baller Wives" -- saying she was sick of getting attacked on social media over the bad advice Mike dished out last month on FS1.

An ex-BBC presenter has told a court he "stepped to one side" to let a young stranger engage in a public sex act with his wife because it "empowered" her.

Tony Wadsworth said his wife, Julie Wadsworth, was "a very special human being" who had found the daytime encounter with the male in woodland in the 1990s "exhilarating and exciting".

He told Warwick Crown Court: "It was a positive, because she felt empowered as a woman.

They then opened a large bag of super-hot 200,000 scoville units red bird’s eye chilies and pushed them inside the woman’s vagina causing her to be in excruciating pain from the hot spices.

Horrifying pictures, which we have decided not to publish, show the woman being held down by her head, arms and legs as the red seeds from inside the peppers are smeared across her body and the bedsheets.

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Ly Chanel, 23, became suspicious when her husband of seven months, Chien Keo, 24, kept disappearing for hours on end.With many of their husbands killed or captured, and as US-backed forces encircle Raqqa, the Isis “capital”, some of the women have escaped to a cramped refugee camp in the small town of Ayn Issa, 30 miles to the north.Most are foreign-born and desperate to find ways of going home.Some of mommies even squirt from incredible orgasms masturbation and fucking before camera bring them.Mike Vick is officially on a sex time out -- with his wife formally pulling booty privileges over his stupid comments about Colin Kaepernick's afro. "I don’t know, Kijafa – I was wrong." Mike tried to explain himself ... No one in any race should be stereotyped based on the way they look, dress, act -- but that’s the reality of the world we live in." Kijafa says the drama surrounding the comments makes her "relive a part of our life that I want to put in the past" ... In the end, Vick apologized to his wife -- but still, no booty.