How long have kendra wilkinson and hank baskett been dating

08 May

"The mother of two also recently shared a sweet anniversary tribute on Instagram alongside an adorable pic of the pair.“I'm so proud of us choosing to stay on the same path,” she wrote. Happy anniversary @hank_baskett My heart is only yours forever!Nothing ever happened physically or even crossed the line.It was just mental chaos." "I was like, 'You can go on out, but the kids will be here. I'll be here, but go play around if you want,'" Hank recalled.They've overcome cheating allegations, reality television and that Kendra Wilkinson music video.They're overcome it all, they've persevered and here they are together, stronger than ever.

He is a producer and actor, known for Kendra on Top (2012), Kendra (2009) and Super Bowl XLIV (2010). READ MORE Kendra Wilkinson's husband Hank Baskett has gone to the FBI, claiming the transsexual who has blabbed to the media she had an affair with him illegally recorded and extorted him. READ MORE Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett continue work out their issues following rumors of his infidelity ... As Radar exclusively reported in 2014, Hank Baskett, 34, was caught cheating on his wife with stunning trans model Ava Sabrina London.The couple survived a brief separation, and three years later, remain together as a family.“It was hard for Hank to accept, because it meant I would move away from my family for four months,” she told “Since I’ve been doing this play, I’ve actually had this amazing, fun, long-distance relationship with my husband [who’s in L. “I am doing a lot of Skype and Face Time sex with Hank.I don’t give a s—t if [it gets out and] people see it!