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08 Mar

There’s no shame in meeting people online nowadays.So before you get overly anxious about working on pick-up lines or perfecting your smokey eye, download one of these apps on your mobile phone and let the games begin: Ah, Tinder."As soon as Justin arrived he made a beeline for Kendall the moment he spotted her," the source said."They were seriously flirting and kept going in and out of a photo booth together."Kendall and Justin were inseparable for most of the night," a source revealed to The Sun."Justin has always been good friends with the Kardashians, so he and Kendall go way back.Every market in Ibiza offers an outstanding bazaar of surprises that the holidaymakers may find wide range of clothes, jewellery, artwork, musical instruments, antiques, natural juices and delicious cakes as well as variety of objects from all over the world.

In the image, Bieber is facing her with both of his eyes closed, trying to make it seem as if he is about to kiss her, while Jenner puts her arm around his neck.

The Passion focus is very much on vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic and raw cuisine but I believe in the motto ‘love all and serve all’ so you can also find great fish and chicken options on our menus.

Juices, smoothies, protein shakes, superfood shakes, raw nut milkshakes and elixirs – these are my pride and joy.

I have to say, I am a huge coffee lover too, so much so that Passion’s coffee has even been personalised to my liking and is roasted here in Ibiza by local artisans.

The Passion Café philosophy is to create good, natural, wholesome food using the very best quality ingredients we can find. We source locally grown produce as much as we can and go organic whenever possible.