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24 Jun

There is a way to invoke services programmatically using ...

I would vote for the former (and I think most people would agree given the choice).

The event arguments return the Using this approach, you can insert complete documents or just dynamic formatted field text which is not possible using the normal merge fields.

At this point, it is also possible to load a sub-template from a database or a physical file.

Generally, Include Text fields contain a reference to external documents that will be included during the mail merge process. Founded in 1991, Text Control is an award-winning Visual Studio Industry Partner and leading vendor of word processing and reporting components for Microsoft development technologies.

That allows you to store a specific sub-template separately in order to reuse it in other templates. This article shows how to use the Include Text Merging event to inject dynamic formatted content. The products help thousands of developers add comprehensive word processing functionality to their applications.

Fields are most useful when you need placeholders for data that might change in your document and for creating form letters or labels in mail-merge documents.

Field code syntax Field codes appear between curly brackets ( ).Inserting fields can give you precise control over dynamic text in your document.Fields are an important part of Word, but it’s good to know that many fields are inserted for you through built-in commands and features. The following screenshot shows the resultsing PDF document with the injected formatted text. Include Text Merging Handler( mail Merge1_Include Text Merging); mail Merge1. The idea of the merge field is that the formatting is part of the template and the merge process just replaces the text.