Intj and intp dating

10 Sep

I am a 50ish female INTJ, so as you might imagine, the universe has knocked some of the sharp edges off of my arrogance, and many of my life lessons over the past 30 years have basically been variations on You May Be Right But It Doesn’t Matter and How To Listen Respectfully To People Talking About Their Needs.

Two introverts who speak the same N language and share the same logic-based approach to the universe should be able to work out a way to have a relationship in which both of them get their needs met. It depends so much on how mature they both are, whether they're able to express their needs clearly, how good they are at listening and acknowledging each other.

They also love that I am not “high-maintenance”, am not overly girly and don’t wear a whole lot of makeup.

They love that I give them their space, that I am independent, driven, have a pretty crass sense of humor, don’t get offended and most importantly, just don’t get jealous at all (unless there is a damn good reason, which is rare).

Rational argument, logic and intellectual theory are the routes to the ‘heart’ of the INTP who will have no problem taking the hard decision, as long as it is the 'right' decision, one based on logic and evidence.I am not a fighter, I have a skill for diplomatic conversation, so blow-out fights just don’t happen with me and my relationships take off well with both parties getting along great. I have had this happen 1 month into a relationship, yet I have also had it happen 2 years into a relationship.I don’t know what triggers this question stage, but upon research, it seems to be related to general animal instincts.Maybe when he's my age he'll see the importance of those things, or maybe not.Just because it's hypothetically possible doesn't mean you're obligated to stick around and wait.