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26 Nov

Everyone has a favorite establishment; you can learn about some of them (such as Caffè Mexico) on the food page.

Often baffling to Americans is that you pay a different rate if you drink at the bar vice sitting down.

The Italian artichoke, il carciofo COMPOSITAE: The Composite Family Herbs or shrubs with alternate or opposite leaves.In the northern region of Italy, for example, music has strong Celtic influences, while the southern half of the country has hints of Greek and Arabic influences.Most traditional music is rich in religious meaning.[1] Sardinia is known for its distinctive polyphonic style of chanting.Italia Mia is a guide to Italian culture and products Made in Italy.From hotels, flights, car rentals for your next trip to Italy, to food and cookbooks, from communities for meeting or dating other Italian singles to the latest news from Italy in English and Italian.