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10 Oct

I want to live my life in a way that relates to people.

Today, I think a lot of church ministers believe that suffering is the plight of people and there's nothing we can do about it.

He is the oldest son of the church's Senior Pastors and founders Brian and Bobbie Houston and grandson of Frank Houston (who was the Senior Pastor of Sydney Christian Life Centre which is now the City venue of Hillsong Church).

He has two siblings, a brother Benjamin and a sister, Laura.

Regularly photographed draped in Hermes, Chanel and other designer clothes and ‘It’ bags on her Instagram page, she has a wardrobe most women would dream of having, while also staying true to her mother-in-law, Bobbie Houston’s, values that young female followers of Hillsong should be glamorous and have perfect hair and teeth.

She and her Pastor husband jet around the world, from Sydney to New York and LA, with their young son, Zion, spreading the word of Hillsong and recruiting more fashionable missionaries to their modern way of religious life.'I mean, if my car breaks down and there is a man around, no way I'm fixing it myself.

Houston's first debut with the Hillsong United as a vocalist was in 2002, however he had been playing bass guitar with the band for several years prior to this, and contributing various songs, including the title track from the group's debut full-length live album, Everyday.

As part of Hillsong United music team, Joel Houston has helped lead worship conferences in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

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Together, the young family travel the world, spreading the word of Hillsong, and Esther works on her modelling and promoting her fashion and beauty blog. Took this one a few minutes ago, before I put him to bed and he said "love you mama" for the first time!!! In the next 7 days I'll do the Zi series of some of my fav throwbacks with @ziwhoo.

There is also no way I would get out of the car and run around it to open my husband's door and help him out, but I expect him to.

Esther posts messages which appear to be about her religious faith on her Facebook and Instagram pages, but it isn’t evident whether or not she was a Catholic who converted to the Hillsong born-again style of Christianity.

Others suspect a political agenda and worry about Hillsong's financial arrangements.

Through it all the Houstons have avoided personal media scrutiny, but tonight, for the first time, they've allowed cameras into both their church and their private life so people can judge for themselves. BRIAN HOUSTON, SENIOR PASTOR: The worst thing you could say to me is that I look like a minister, because I think oftentimes people's perception of the church is so out of touch and so bland and so unrelatable.