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21 May

Its strange name attracts excitement illusions of honor and hopes of romance with a pretty girl.

Aspiring songwriter Ricky Barry thinks he's hit the big time when he wins a contest with his song.When Anderson fires...', WIDTH, -300, FONTFACE, 'Arial, Tahoma', FONTSIZE, '13px')"Without warning in the year 2050 an alien race known only as the Inbit arrive invade and successfully conquer the Earth.Years later and despite brutal past failures the inhabitants of Mars Colony send out yet another desperate Liberation Force to try and reclaim their lost home world. However a lone survivor Stig Bernard finds himself on Earth.When Durell learns that his ex-girlfriend plans to move to another state with their son Durell Jr.--...See full summary ยป Comedian Katt Williams performs at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Cal.