Lost and damned dating

22 Sep

Turbulence Written by Turbulence (as Sheldon Campbell), Diplo (as T. Taylor) Published by Roynet Music (ASCAP), EMI April Music, I Like Turtles Music (ASCAP) Courtesy of Downtown Records [Station: Ram Jam FM] See more ยป Forget GTA4 as Lost and Damned is the game that GTA4 should have been.

Since Johnny is an experienced biker, he can actually stay on his bike (and survive crashes) at speeds faster than walking (something Niko in GTA IV is notoriously bad at), although his corresponding dislike of cars means his four-wheel skills aren't as fancy as Niko's.

Johnny Klebitz, Vice President of a gang of outlaw bikers called The Lost Motorcycle Club, has been keeping the brotherhood afloat while its President, Billy Grey, is in court-ordered rehab.

When Billy is released, he immediately goes on the warpath, endangering the numerous truces that Johnny had established, especially with their rival gang, The Angels of Death Motorcycle Club.

This time, however, players take control of Johnny Klebitz, the vice president of a biker gang called The Lost Motorcycle Club which is based in Alderney (Liberty City's answer to New Jersey).

The game begins with the release of the gang's leader, Billy Grey, who upon his return is unimpressed to see that Johnny has turned The Lost into a smooth-running and low-key operation.