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25 Jun

(NEWS CENTER) — A veteran from Maine who now lives in North Carolina has been charged felony animal cruelty, accused of tying her service dog to a tree and shooting it five times while an active duty serviceman filmed it.According to police documents, 23-year-old Marinna Rollins listed herself as a U. Rollins' boyfriend, 25-year-old Jarren Heng, is from Nebraska. According to the warrant, Rollins and Heng between April 16-17 took their dog Cumboui, a gray and white male pitt bull, out to an unknown wooded area, tied him to a tree and shot him in the head with a rifle. Rollins then allegedly dragged the dog to a shallow grave.

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That soldier, her boyfriend, is also accused of conspiring in the alleged animal cruelty, which resulted in the shooting death of the woman's medical service dog. Sean Swain of the North Carolina Cumberland County Sheriff's Office confirmed Wednesday.

However, she decided she wanted to apply as a flight attendant instead.

On her blog, Maine shared that she had been waiting for the application period when she started dubsmashing.

Both books belong to a popular genre of works dealing with imaginative, relentlessly optimistic orphans – a genre which Eleanor Porter would take to its sentimental height in 1913 with the widely-read Pollyanna (Cadogan and Craig 1976: 89-110).

It would not be surprising, therefore, to find that Anne and Rebecca resemble each other, particularly as they are placed in similar settings: late nineteenth-century small-town Prince Edward Island and small-town Maine.