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04 Sep

The speakers of Bangkok Malay can be found throughout the city, with higher concentration in Malay enclaves in Thon Buri, Thung Khru, Phra Pradaeng, Bang Kho Laem, Phra Khanong, Khlong Saen Saep, Min Buri, Nong Chok, Bang Nam Priao, Chachoengsao, Thon Buri and Pom Prap Sattru Phai.

Freedom of religion is enshrined in the Malaysian Constitution.Consequently, this results in non-Muslims not having legal standing in Syariah Courts.Bangkok Malay also referred as Bangkok Melayu or Nayu is the local variant of Malay spoken by ethnic Malays living in Bangkok and its surrounding areas.The dialect was largely based on Pattani Malay with visible divergent from the original spoken in the south, this allowed Bangkok Malay to constitute as a separate dialect from Pattani Malay.Another notable sub-dialect of Bangkok Malay spoken in Bang Bua Thong and Tha It districts demonstrating a strong Kedahan influence, this correlates to the fact that most Malay people from these areas are the descendant of deportees that were bought from a village in western Yala in the 18th century, who spoke with a Kedahan dialect.