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16 Jul

This is because she ran out of the house earlier without her only working debit card (her others may have been hacked, but she hasn’t had time to ring the bank), having frantically gone through the pockets of everything she wore yesterday while filming a documentary The Truth About Stress for the BBC, part of its mental health season.‘My husband says to me, “You’re always losing things.” And I think, “Yes, because I’m so busy.” If you can learn to just be in the moment, as I’ve discovered while making this programme…’ And off she goes again, not at all in the moment, about how she’d stopped at Birmingham New Street station on the way back from filming to do an emergency food shop for her teenage sons Nathaniel, 17, and Mackenzie, 14, even though her husband Martin Frizell (who has his own busy job as editor of This Morning) said he would take care of it.

‘I still worry.’She’s living proof of the gender stress gap; a recent study found that women worry more than men about situations, real or imagined, because we hold on to concerns and churn them over. Men get stressed about things at work, but they don’t seem to notice at home,’ she notes wearily.

Fiona Phillips, however, is a rather different entity altogether.

Phillips, 51, sharp as a tack – if a tack can be both sharp and blunt simultaneously – has risen above her former day(break) job to be regarded as a presenter, and more crucially, a three-dimensional human being, too.

'I was getting up at 4am to go work, and there's an irritability that comes with complete sleep deprivation. I still take pleasure in being able to do simple things like that.

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She hasn’t, but that’s the risk you run with the banal chumminess of much pre-dawn programming.‘It helps us to perform better, to run away from danger or to face it.That butterfly feeling is your body preparing you for a performance.The family later moved to Southampton where Phillips completed her schooling at Millbrook Community School.After leaving school, Phillips worked for a short time at Mr Kipling's Bakery in Eastleigh, near Southampton.