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26 Jun

These lesbian and bisexual professional athletes are out and proud and playing for their teams.

Since then, Henin has idolised Graf as her role model.She has nine Wimbledon titles and is believed to be worth more than £10million.But Martina Navratilova is not stopping there after it emerged she is selling luxury watches with a length of string from her old racket for £8,000 each.The watches are being sold through a new Swiss watch brand called Avantist and contain string from the racquet used to win her Wimbledon final in 1987.Czech-born BBC pundit Navratilova, 60, said in a statement: 'Getting to the top and staying there was a long and incredible journey.'I believe Avantist understands and embraces the values it takes to become a champion and how to preserve and also champion a legacy.'Which is why I am excited to share my legacy with Avantist and most of all, the people who will wear the watch.'The company claims only 30 watches can be made from the string, which will be showcased in a dial and set beneath a sapphire crystal.