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27 May

On an 80s tv show, Mary mentioned that she had gone on THE DATING GAME.She said that she and the guy she picked didn't really hit it off.Here are the opening paragraphs (Sydney Sun Herald): The 32-year-old heir to the Danish throne has made four trips to Australia since meeting the woman on a visit to Sydney last year to attend the Olympic Games.And now the Danish press is buzzing with talk of the woman, who is going to remarkable lengths to protect her privacy.It was only later that they found out who she was dating.:) But note the first story that appeared here was not quite accurate... So at that stage things were very shadowy, and if the Danish Press knew who Mary was, they weren't giving everything away to their Australian counterparts.Hi I have been looking for a while for information and pictures on Princess Mary before she became engaged. I have not been able to find much which has made me even more curious.Then again i am most probably not looking in the right places! It was actually a reporter who first became aware of it, by a slip in the royal calendar.

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