Modem router not updating ip address

09 Sep

Belkin is one of the leading Small Office Networking devices manufacturer.In this tutorial we can see a direct method to configure their Wireless Routers by accessing the web based setup page without using setup disc.It’s important to realize that an IP address is assigned to a , and that device then in turn may be capable of hosting many different and potentially unrelated services, including websites.The internet itself is, of course, the largest TCP/IP network, and every device connected directly to it does, indeed, have a unique IP address.At its most basic, DHCP is the communication protocol that allows a computer, when it is connected to a network, to broadcast a request for an IP address. This is a technique that lets multiple machines on one side of your router share a single internet connection and internet IP address. Most consumer-grade routers are actually fairly simple devices, with a connection to the internet on one “side” (the “outside” or WAN connection), and connections to one or more computers on the other (“inside” or LAN connections).The DHCP server – typically your home router – sees this request and responds with an assigned IP address. The router does this by handing out local IP addresses to each machine on your local network, and translating between those addresses and the “real” internet IP address when the local computers access the internet. In homes and small businesses, a router is mostly thought of as a way to share one internet connection with multiple computers.Internet companies actually charge you an additional fee to rent their equipment.However, introduced on the market in 2016, the Motorola 16×4 Modem can not only deliver lighting fast Internet speeds, but also can save you that monthly rental charge.

A router, as a device connected to the internet, is assigned an IP address on the internet, but it also establishes (or LAN) on which attached devices are assigned IP addresses that are unique to that local network.

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If you have high speed Internet you probably notice a monthly charge on your bill for a router modem rental.

The router, then, handles Network Address Translation (or NAT) to give the local devices the ability to contact services on the internet, where they appear as connections from the router’s internet IP address.

DHCP is an acronym for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. A router is a computer network device that receives data through one connection and then sends (routes) it to other connections, perhaps making changes to the data as it passes it on.