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13 Mar

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I first watched Hiroki acted in "Dating: What's It Like To Be In Love" (i know it's soooo late), but i'm very impressed with him! hahahahaha His on-screen chemistry with Anne Watanabe is WONDERFUL! saw him on the Tv as Toshio Fuga in The Holy Monsters (Seinaru Kaibutsutachi).. it'd be wonderful if he play as Hakuto Mamiya with Ai Kato as his wife (Takanashi Chiwa) on Hapi Mari real action..

I don't know an "educated idler" could be that amazing!

head over heels with this actor - watching him in May Queen. It's an undeniable fact that you're such a good actor.

His another TV drama KASEIFU NO MITA is also worth watching!

I fell in love over and over for him in every drama. Not awkward very natural and makes me wanna cry along with him, in Scandal and Wonderful Life.

Hope that your marriage will work out beautifully cuz good one always deserves good things in his life. i wish you have happy , health , successful life ... Sudan ^_^ aww your married oppa, i wish we were the same age and that i met you in korea but to bad, well congratulations and have a happy life, i wish you were with han ji-hye but well congratulations on your wedding, be nice to her alright oppa, and if you can please try to make a season two in may queen alright, saranghae oppa. u r OFFICIALLY the HOTTEST actor in the ENTIRE world!!!!!!

The drama features Arashi's leader Ohno Satoshi as the heir of a traditional ryokan who excels at doing business but is clueless about love and Haru will be his love interest.

Ohno and Haru met for the first time during the location shooting for the segment "Ohno Satoshi no Tsukutte miyou" (Ohno Satoshi's Let's try making it) and commented that his impression of his co-star before meeting her was that she is demure and does things at her own pace.