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17 May

But, writing takes time and if you appreciate what I do, if you have been moved or made to think by my writing, OR have just enjoyed something on my blog, please throw a buck or two in my tip jar!Your kind contribution may buy me a cup of coffee out at my next writing session.Click my easy paypal “tip jar” link that follows and THANKS!In the movie Sky Fall, Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a trim and short Billy Reid navy peacoat in Shanghai.

As popular as that model still is, I thought it might help some folks out to post the instruction manual.

Billy Reid supplied twenty coats for the Bond 23 Production: 5 large and 15 medium.

The mediums were used for "hero" shots and the larges for movement and stunt work.

A man should own at least one of these two coats, maybe both.

See below to determine whether you need one or both coats in your closet.