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29 Feb

Read the check and it should specify such conditions. You will have to mail this one back and then they reissue a new one.You can try to deposit this one, but if it fails, it will be returned to you AND your bank will charge you a processing fee. If a check expires, it will say so -- "must be cashed within 90 days" or some such. A ten year old check from me may still be cashed, despite the fact that the name of the bank would be wrong, because the account and tracking numbers are the same.So if the check doesn't cash, call the old company and tell them.

Many debt collectors violate this regulation in Massachusetts because federal law allows for the use of post-dated checks in debt collection. We offer free initial consultations and payment plans.

The collector must then contact the borrower and recover the bad payment.

Often, when this occurs, the borrower must use alternative payment method, as most will no longer accept payment via their checking account when a check comes back NSF.

This bill will show the assessed valuation of your property, the tax rate and the amount you owe for the fiscal year including any other charges such as Electric or Water Liens added to the tax.

Payments are due in the Tax Collector’s office by the close of business on the due date.