Problem updating adobe reader 8 1 5

01 Nov

@ses There's nothing Ubuntu can do about that, Adobe aren't updating Adobe Reader for Linux.

You can, however, install Adobe Reader 11 or DC using Wine if you wish (try using Play On Linux (for Reader DC), it makes the process fairly self-explanatory).

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Try downloading a file from another website, such as or It looks as though it worked before we installed the updates for adobe reader 8, but then it stops.The only way we have managed to go around the problem is to uninstall version 8 and install version 7 instead. product=10&platform=Windows Thank you for commenting. I am not sure if that means I am 'vulnerable' which is what Firefox shows for Adobe Reader. BUT, if the support site of a program says you are okay, you are fine. I also did a refresh of Firefox and I still have the same problem. product=10&platform=Windows 11.0.8 is a couple updates behind as Adobe Reader 11.0.10 is the latest one (as of Dec 9, 2014) as you can see on and I think it is to do with my having a Windows XP computer and because of that I am not able to get the most current version that Adobe has (and there is something new with Adobe called CD), but I guess I have the most current version that Adobe put out for Windows XP. I don't know what any vulnerabilities would be. Messages from the plug-in test page should be checked out.