Rihanna dating manson

22 May

Rihanna When you realize who you live for, and who's important to please, a lot of people will actually start living. I'm gonna look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it - and I lived it for me.

Indie songstress Lana Del Rey may be dating shock rocker Marilyn Manson, reports say. Sources tell the magazine that on Wednesday, Del Rey and Manson had a lingering dinner together, only leaving the restaurant at midnight.

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And if you put up with it, maybe you are agreeing that you [deserve] this, and that's when I finally had to say, ' Uh-oh, I was stupid thinking I was built for this.'" Rihanna said she doesn't "have much of a relationship now" with Brown, but said she does not hate him, and would "care about him until the day I die." It's a somewhat cloudy, but ultimately optimistic, outlook that permeates the rest of the profile, in which Rihanna also discusses the difficulties of cultivating relationships, let alone a normal life, in the public eye. Something that can keep you a little bit uncomfortable …I always look for the most interesting silhouette or something that's a little off, but I have to figure it out. Rihanna You just want something else that someone else has, but that doesn't mean what you have isn't beautiful, because people always want what you have, and you always want what they have - no one is ever 100 per cent like, ' Yes, I'm the bomb dot com - from head to toe! Rihanna I think I'm like most people - we fear the unknown and the things that have yet to come to pass, which are the very things that don't deserve to be feared. Usually, they are the nice guys, the ones that won't hurt you. They'll never know - we'll never know - how powerful we are.I can handle it." On the Cover: Rihanna's Crazy in Love The couple's public reconciliation comes less than four years since Brown assaulted Rihanna the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards.Brown plead guilty to assault and performed community service, but he remains on probation.