Robin dunne dating

30 Jan

Today, we have raised this topic to correlate with the American rapper, Flo Rida’s personal life.

The widely known singer has been in the No-No zone when it comes to dating affair and girlfriend, but the irony is that he already is a father of a child. Many celebs hit the headlines for various reasons, and Flo Rida is among those who time and again gets into the news for paternity claims.

With her usual determination, Roe sets out to crack the case, this time while playing surrogate mother to a mysteriously abandoned two-week old, and trying to avoid the ire of Lawrenceton’s new police chief.

She gets under his skin and in his head like nobody else he’s ever met and he’s so screwed because it can’t be anything more than it is. But he manages to be the right things to her at the right times and she does the same for him and it usually works out just fine, even when things are convoluted.

The 35-year-old comedian opened up about her past relationship on Thursday evening (June 8) during a stand-up routine at the held at Webster Hall. We [dated for] a year-and-a-half, you know, it’s not that bad,” Amy told the audience (via AOL).

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Caption: Flo Rida's son Zohar Paxton and mother of his child, Alexis Adams.

According to Alexis, she was in a relationship with ‘Low’ rapper for a month, which started in December 2015 and went up to mid-January 2016.

But Alexis went to court for additional payment and claimed that child support which she has been receiving was not enough.

Moreover, Alexis claimed that she cannot afford the child care and can't go to work leaving her child.