Ron ng and tavia yeung dating

31 Dec

2011 Tavia and Him grew close after collaborating in 2012’s The Hippocratic Crush, which was shot between July and October of 2011.

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Tavia Yeung is a Hong Kong actress contracted under TVB.It’s been quite a while since “Taro’s” last collaboration, and fans rushed to the concert to see their favorite on-screen couple sing on stage.At the Be Charmed 2 Live in Malaysia concert, Tavia and Ron gave solo performances of their previous singles.I have already found my forever beauty.”As it was their first time taking high speed rail, Tavia and Ron said they were as excited as little kids. “There’s a lot of room, and there’s Internet so you won’t be disconnected with the world.There’s also great scenery.”Tavia and Ron share a lot of history together.