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07 Oct

From what little I have read, Martin does not seem to be saying it, but if he were to talk about the pandas representing a fighting back, a striking back, against some idea of East Asians as being less tough than whites, or something like that…

I quite like art that isn’t pretentious, that doesn’t aim to speak to some complex or philosophical message that doesn’t really come through in the work…

The original games appeared on the Sony PSP, Io S and Android systems.

Alan Stock dusts off his detective skills for this Comi Converse review.

On entering it for the first time, they fall unconscious and awake to find they are all trapped in the academy by a malevolent stuffed robotic bear called Monokuma (yes, really). The crazy toy, who seems indestructible and has deadly powers, is in control of their fate.

No one can leave the school until one condition is met – to escape you must kill another student, and get away with it.